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FYOND started in July 2020 when the COVID - 19 pandemics hit the world.

Businesses shut down completely, doors slamming one after another. Some businesses taped sheets of paper to their closed windows: Closed due to the pandemic. See you soon. Others just went dark.

If we want our communities to look like they were just a few months ago, we have to keep the local businesses alive. The government took several initiatives to get them through this difficult time, but even with the government relief efforts, we have left behind the point where our businesses need us.

Many local stores either have an e-commerce presence or have started offering one-click ways to help them. For small businesses, this is more than a financial investment.  They cannot spend thousands to build an App and a website. Mobile users also do not want to install a separate application for each local store. Hence, we stared FYOND to help them.

FYOND is a sign that you are here for them, that you care about them and that you believe they have a future and they will survive.

Some local stores that previously didn't offer take-out have started doing so to keep their employees safe and their businesses afloat. Ordering online from local stores is very low-risk, so now's the time to break out the menus and start dialing. Order directly from the local stores so they do not have to pay costly cuts to third-party delivery services. Ordering takeout doesn't just help our lives feel a little more normal — it helps put local businesses back to work.

Start by looking up your go-to's online. FYOND helps you to find nearby stores for goods you would typically order.

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